Jadual Program 2019

    • 3-4 Ogos 2019
    • 28 - 29 Sept 2019
    • 2-3 Nov 2019
      Kursus Pemanduan Defensif
    • 26-28 Julai 2019
    • 4 - 6 Okt 2019
      Bengkel Pensijilan Ujian Psikologi Berjenama Sidek 

The SPT reveal how we behave from a psychological point of view. This application can improve our life and help us unleash potential. The tests help me with career choices, academic paths and provide insight on areas of my life such as parenting, interpersonal relations, work behavior, fears, desires and key motivations.

The way it works is just amazing to me; it’s also a great tool and my co-workers love it too. It's a no-brainer for me! SPT helped me stay on track and accomplish company goals. The result was some great ideas for change and improvement moving forward.

I would highly recommend SPT as a resource when developing or changing a training program.


Dini Rahiah Kadir (DRK)

CEO Aura Life Training Sdn Bhd
Founder Spiritual Brain Clinic

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